Travel Chengdu

About PocketTravel Chengdu
PocketTravel Chengdu is the first guide book of its kind to be introduced in China! It’s a  convenient, easy to use guide that is filled with all of the information travelers need to maximize their vacation in China’s cities. Pocket Travel is designed to help travelers manage their vacation time with minimum effort while saving them money along the way.
PocketTravel Chengdu 是同类产品中第一本进入中国的导游手册      这是一本使用方便、包罗了游客所需要的各种信息的手册,使游客能轻而易举且最大限度地享受在中国各个城市的度假之旅,并使游客的整个中国之行变得经济实惠。


Day Tours
PocketTravel provides a preset itinerary with an easy to follow three day tour schedule. Each day of the tour is divided into a morning, afternoon and evening program.


Three Day Tour Schedule
PocketTravel is set up to follow a three day touring schedule.
The days are color coded for ease of use. PocketTravel is divided into morning, afternoon, and evening schedules. It gives travelers the flexibility to follow the schedule that is provided, or to customize their own according to the individual’s needs and wants.


This section shows you the most popular sights of the city
within a 90 minute drive from the city by bus or car.


Special Features
This section highlights some of the things that the city is well known for. Examples are food, entertainment, and particular sights and land marks. Also included is information on local customs and etiquette. Detailed address listings of all the sights are given in an easy to use format.

Adress List
Where to go for lunch, where to find cosmetics or gifts, which park to choose for relaxing, which museum to choose for most famous exibition, which temple to find for some secret moments, which tea house to go for the tea ceremony... the PocketTravel knows it all.

PocketTravel includes a fold-out city map that allows travelers to effortlessly
navigate their way through the busy streets. Street names are written in both English and Chinese to assure that they do not lose their way.


Advertisements & Coupons
PocketTravel is full of great deals to be used throughout the city. It allows your business to showcase its services to a wide variety of potential customers. Since the guide is free it is sure to capture the attention of a large amount of travelers. By offering customers certain benefits you are dramatically increasing the potential for referrals.